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The Lehigh river currently has a sustaining population of wild trout (Mostly Brown Trout) thanks to factors such as conservation water releases from F.E.W., Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) cleanup, and the numerous high quality cold water tributaries which feed into the Lehigh river system at various points. The fishery is also supplemented through stocking program through the following public and private groups: 


  • Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission 

  • Lehigh River Stocking Association

  • Five Mile High Stocking Club 

  • Tri-Boro Sportsmen Club  

Visit the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission for the latest on the fishing regulation

While the wild trout population is increasing within the river system, its is still a fragile population. We always encourage Catch & Release to help ensure sustainability.  

These trout feed on the abondant numbers of large stone flies and hatches of mayflies. They also tend to move many miles through the river system in search of food and cool water in summer. 

Photo Apr 11, 8 32 42 PM.jpg
#pawildtrout #wildeastoutfitters.jpg

Wild Trout are found from the base of F.E.W dam all the way to the confluence with the Delaware in Easton PA.  The highest concentrations of wild trout are found in the section of the Lehigh Gorge to Walnutport.  Some of these wild fish can grow to incredible sizes and would be considered trophy trout in the top trout river destination in the U.S. 

Photo Mar 20, 4 50 08 PM.jpg
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There are giants in there...... still tr
This thing was an absolute bull of a bro
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Lehigh Wild....jpg
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