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Feb 07 2023  - New Mailing Address and Fly Fishing Show


Our new mailing address is 
P.O. Box 115

Jim Thorpe PA 18229 

LCFA will be presenting at the Lancaster Fly Fishing Show March 4th & 5th. Come visit. 

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Jan 09 2019  - Date of Public Meeting on F.E.W. Re-Evaluation Study


The US Army Corps of Engineers will be hosting a public meeting regarding the F.E.W. Re-Evaluation Study. All that are interested to learn more and/or wish to support the wild trout ecosystem of the Lehigh river are encouraged to attend. 


 Link to USACE Public Meeting Info


Dec 08 2019  - ACOE Post Feasibility Study Public Page


The US Army Corps of Engineers has put up a public project page regarding the feasibility study. Next step will be for the LCWA and other groups to attend a scoping meeting on the study in January. Dates to be determined. LCFA will be putting together a position statement to clearly outline our position and goals for the study. TU has also partnered with LCFA to ensure the study provides the maximum amount of benefits for the cold water fishery. More to come! Link to USACE Feasibility Study


Sept 30 2019  - F.E.W. Feasibility Study is Signed


The DRBC signs on to provide the $1.5 match funding for the Francis E. Walter (F.E.W) Dam & reservoir feasibility study. This study will research the feasibility of storing additional water in F.E.W. for use by the DRBC to help meet the salt line requirements in Trenton within the Delaware river.  The LCFA is working quickly to establish a dialog with all parties involved and to help ensure the $1.5 in public funding being provided serves in the best interest of the public, surround communities, and will support the growing ecosystem of wild trout in the Lehigh River. 

More to come on this incredibility import development. 


March 29 2018 - Letter from Congressman Dent

If you ever wondered what LCFA has been doing behind the scenes, the LCFA secured this letter from Congressman Dent sent to the Senior Official of Army Corp of Engineers regarding financial support for the Feasibility Study. Congressman Dent’s support and assistance in finding federal dollars for this study is greatly appreciated.​

Click on the PDF Icon to read it. 

May 8 2018 - Treatment facility planned for Black Creek

The insanely beautiful Black creek is one of the larger tributaries to the Lehigh River within the Lehigh Gorge which has been polluted with Abandoned Mine Drainage (AMD) run off for many decades.  A multi million dollar clean up project has begun to restore this beautiful and import watershed.  

This clean up will open up 10 + Miles of clean cold water for thermal refugee and ideal wild trout spawning habitat for the wild fish of the Lehigh River.

This location was only 100yds upstream o
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